Frequently Asked Questions

Why would you sell on ETH10k?

ETH10k is on a mission to empower local traders, business owners or companies, to own an online store, with premium features, that ensures a seamless experience for online shoppers, from the point of purchase to delivery. It is within our desire and vision to create an enabling environment where commerce thrives, providing secured environment for both customers and vendors, in the best and easiest way possible.

How do I open a website on ETH10k platform?

You do not to have to open or pay to own a website, ETH10k avails you a customized website with premium features as soon as you register as a vendor on the platform.

What Business Plans are available on ETH10k platform and what are the applicable condition?

There are Four Business Plans.

Bronze Plan comes with opportunity to hoist 25 products on your website at a monthly rental fee of N1k and a transaction fee of 8%

Silver Plan comes with opportunity to post 50 products on your website at a monthly rental fee of N2k and a transaction fee of 7%

Gold Plan is loaded with space to post 100 products on your website at a monthly rental fee of N3k and a transaction fee of 6%

Platinum Plan, the ultimate plan, enables uploaded of unlimited number of products and attracts a monthly rental of N5k and 4% transaction fee.

Do you have minimum and maximum transaction fees chargeable?

ETH10k has fixed a minimum and maximum transaction fees at N250 and N5,000 respectively.

What is the minimum product price listable on the ETH10k platform?

ETH10k does not fix minimum product price on the platform but will always encourage vendors to post single or combo products with combine price of not below N2,000.

What other benefits are available to me if I open a store on ETH10k platform?

There are so many benefits which include among others:

Connecting you with millions of customers

Giving you a custom online store

Getting massive traffic to your store

Having access to 500+ product categories to pick from

You store will be found by customers within your location on Google map

You will enjoy automatically calculated shipping rates

There is Real-time vendors support

How will I know if my application has been delivered for verification?

You will receive a mail like this:

Dear Potential Vendor on ETH10k platform.

We have received your Vendor Registration Form for enrolment on ETH10k Multivendor Marketplace. We shall review your application in line with our Vendor Acceptance Criteria and shall communicate the outcome to you within 12hrs.

What if my application is rejected, how will I be informed?

You will receive an email like this from us:

Dear Prospective Vendor,

We regret to inform you that your application has been rejected due to the reason(s) as stated.

Please note that, you will be expected to remedy the issue(s) and re-submit your application.

Why is Business Logo mandatory on ETH10k platform?
Logo is a unique identifier as well as brand identity. Your website carries your Logo as a brand identifier.
What are the reasons why my application can be rejected?

Your application may be rejected because of one or all the reasons listed below:

Passport Photograph not legible or not attached.

Expired Identification Document (ID) or ID not attached.

–Utility Bill not valid for the business location or not attached.

Identification Document not legible or expired or not attached.

–Utility Bill not legible or not attached.

Business registration document, as may be applicable, not attached.

How will I know if my application has been approved?

You will receive an email like this:


Your application for registration as a vendor on the ETH10k Multi-Vendor Marketplace has been approved. Your Vendor Administration password shall be advised within the next 12hours.

What happens if I do not have a logo and I want to register on the platform?

ETH10k will facilitate for you to have a logo at a negotiated and highly subsidized rate. You will just send, ‘request for Logo’ to: stating the name of your business and the major line of products to be sold on the platform.

How can I reach ETH10k support service team?

Our Vendor Support can be reached on WhatsApp call/chat number is +234 701 923 2193 while email address is: